Return Policy

Product Delivery

If defects are seen upon delivery, such as packaging damage:
  1. Immediately take pictures for proof and report to the delivery man or his/her company for record to protect your self-interest.
  2. Immediately contact Us, and we will conduct a damage assessment and check with delivery company
  3. If users do not respond within seven days, We will not accept return and refund.

Trial Period

Returned product must not be unpacked and used, and it cannot be damaged and contaminated; the product can be returned within a period of seven days, and original packaging and exterior box must be kept intact (without any crease damage).

If apply for a return and refund for the first time, users cannot apply for a return and refund during second purchase.

POWER PLUS PET is committed to provide high quality products and services to its users, and presents the looks of products on the website as close as they are. 

Return Process

  1. Contact customer service at (Please provide "Contact Name", "Order Number", "Contact Phone Number", "Product Name", "Return Reason", "Product Photo" etc.)
  2. We confirm returnable
  3. User confirm product and receipt is intact
  4. Provide shipping address and information
  5. We send delivery to receive product from user

Refunds will be transfer to the bank account provided by user, after we confirm we have received the product.


  • We do not accept return if product is unsealed without damage.
  • We do not accept return if ordered the wrong product due to personal negligence. 
  • We do not accept return if product is on sale.